The International Foodservice Equipment (IFSE) parameter data dictionary is the definitive listing of foodservice equipment BIM parameters. The document is jointly managed by a cross-industry advisory group which comprises the leading equipment manufacturing and supply trade associations; foodservice consultants and also the key design software providers and resource library managers. The international reach of the group means that its work is industry relevant and fit for purpose as well as anticipating future requirements. The aim of the group is to ensure the interoperability of the parameters when used in project design on any software platform. The group is jointly chaired by FCSI Europe and EFCEM on behalf of the industry. 

The parameters change from time to time and are updated at least annually. The latest version v07.2 can be downloaded here.

A key element of the work of GFESS is to oversee the development of some key developments in the industry. All of the key segments of the foodservice equipment industry have worked collaboratively on the development of the International Food Service Equipment (IFSE) BIM standards to provide an international database of parameters for equipment manufacturers to use with their models.

This group is co-chaired by Keith Warren from EFCEM (European Federation of Catering Equipment Manufacturers and FCSI (Roberto Assi). It has established an agreed process for the review and development of the parameters to meet the needs of an international base of consultants and kitchen designers. The work is based on the USA FCSI Revit standards to ensure full interoperability. To ensure that there is a truly international basis for the work the group includes manufacturers, software houses and consultants from around the world. The group is also looking at the issue of sub categories for Revit, Levels of Detail (LOD) and the comment forms/change requests submitted to the group.

Changes to the parameters can be requested at any time, for consideration at the next meeting but can only be made using this form here.

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